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Pomoc Online



Basic Changes in Settings Between Version 15 and Older Versions

Upon load a file from an older version, the settings remain almost always the same as specified in the previous versions. The settings are not compatible in the following cases:

  1. In the analysis according to the factor of safety or the theory of limit states when different coefficients were specified in different stages of construction. In such case, the program adopts settings from the first stage only and assigns them to the permanent and transient design situations. Settings from the other stages are not loaded and thus it is necessary to input them into corresponding design situations manually.
  2. In the program "Nailed Slope", when performing the verification analysis according to the theory of limit states, the coefficient reducing the self-weight of soil behind the structure is different from one. This coefficient was removed in version 15. To maintain the same results, it is necessary to input a modified weight of soil in the frame "Soils".
  3. Programs "Earth Pressures", "Sheeting Design" and "Sheeting Check", analysis based on EN 1997, design approach 2, we introduced a new factor, Partial factor reducing the soil resistance (γRe), which reduces the magnitude of the passive earth pressure. The default value of this coefficient is equal to 1.4. To maintain the same results, it is necessary to input its value in the "Pressure Analysis" tab equal to 1.0.

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