Verification of Spread Footing for Punching Shear

The program allows to verify spread footing for punching shear or for the design of shear reinforcement. The critical section loaded in shear Ucr is distant from the column edge by one half of the footing thickness. It is loaded by the prescribed moments Mx, My and by the shear force Fl provided by:




area of footing



assigned vertical force developed in column



hatched area in fig.

Dimensioning of shear reinforcement area At

The program computes the maximal shear force Fl developed in the critical section (the influence of unbalanced bending moment is added according to Appendix F of standard GB50010-2010), the shear force transmitted by concrete with no shear reinforcement Fc (Art. 6.5.1), and the maximal allowable force Fmax (Art. 6.5.3). The shear forces are related to the unit length of critical section.

βh = 0.9 for h ≥ 2000mm

βh = 1 for h ≤ 800mm, intermediate values are obtained using linear interpolation method.

where βs is the size ratio of long side and short side of action area.

where αs:



for interior column



for edge column



for corner column

For Fl < Fc no shear reinforcement is needed.

For Fl > Fc and Fl < Fmax the shear reinforcement must be introduced. The ultimate shear force is given by:




critical cross section span



is angle of bends



area of bends in unit length of critical section

For Fl > Fmax the shear reinforcement cannot be designed. It is therefore necessary to increase the cross section height.

Additional check according to article 8.2.9 of standard GB50007-2011 is done for narrow footing or strip footing.


b0 is average width of footing.

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