Verification of Circular RC Cross-Section

The program verifies a reinforced concrete pile using the method of limit deformation (Art. 6.2.1). The maximum allowable strain of concrete in compression is 0.002 - 0.0033. The degree of reinforcement is checked using the formula:

  • Column - check for dominant compression (Art. 8.5.1, Art. 9.3.1)

for steel strength grade greater or equal to 500 MPa

for steel strength grade greater or equal to 400 MPa

for steel strength grade less than 335 MPa

ρmin is increased by 0.001 for concrete strength grade greater than C60

  • Beam - check for dominant bending (Art. 8.5.1)




pile diameter



reinforcement area

Interaction diagram N-M

Usage ratio of concrete cross-section subject to the combination of bending moment and normal force is determined as |0L| / |0R|. Where L is load and R is strength with prescribed eccentricity.


First, the program computes the ultimate shear strength of concrete Vc:

For flexural element (Art. 6.3.3, Art. 6.3.15):

For compression element (Art. 6.3.12, Art. 6.3.15):

For tension element (Art. 6.3.14, Art. 6.3.15):

If the ultimate shear strength of concrete is exceeded, the ultimate shear strength Vmax (Art. 6.3.1, Art. 6.3.15) and strength of reinforced section Vs are checked (Art. 6.3.4, Art. 6.3.12, Art. 6.3.14, Art. 6.3.15).

for h0/b ≤ 4

for h0/b ≥ 6

βc = 1 for: ≤ C50

βc = 0.8 for: ≥ C80, intermediate values are obtained using linear interpolation method.

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